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Frosty Fruit Blog

  • Celebrate National Juice Slush Day with Frosty Fruit!

    Calling all slushy enthusiasts and juice lovers! National Juice Slush Day is here, and Frosty Fruit invites you to make it a memorable event at your school. By selling Frosty Fruit's delicious slushies, you can have fun and raise funds for school activities, clubs, or important causes.
  • 10 Ways Frosty Fruit Slushies Help Schools Raise More Money

    Delicious Slushies and fundraising don't have to be mutually exclusive. Schools and organizations can enjoy a sweet treat while helping to raise money with Frosty Fruit Slushies! Here are 10 ways Frosty Fruit Slushies can help schools raise more money!
  • 5 Tips to Celebrate Valentines Day with Slushies!

    If you’re in charge of selling slushies at your school for Valentine’s Day, here are 5 tips to make sure your day is festive and successful.