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About Us

Frosty Fruit is a family owned and operated business, passionate about frozen drinks and making a positive impact in our communities.   Although Frosty Fruit has been in existence since 2005 serving schools nationwide with slush machines and 100% fruit juice mixes, in July of 2018 our family became new owners of the company when we merged our previous company, Slushie Spot, and Frosty Fruit together into one company.  Our commitment is to deliver high quality machines, the best products and top notch service to ALL of our customers both small and large.  We want to see all of our customers’ programs, business ventures, and events succeed beyond their wildest imaginations. 

Our Core values:

The heart of service at Frosty Fruit is about giving, not receiving. To us, service means working hard and giving of ourselves to exceed the expectations of all those we come in contact with.

We believe integrity is the foundation on which trust is built and business relationships grow. We strive to operate all aspects of our business with the highest integrity, in our relationships, business practices, and environmental impact.

We will always treat others as we would want to be treated. Customers, employees, and vendors are all a valued part of our business and will always be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We value people above and beyond our business. Our goal is to build and maintain relationships with our customers and clients to see mutual growth and success.

We value generosity as a business and as a family. We especially love being generous to children in our communities and around the world. We have partnered with local children’s homes and foster care agencies, individuals, missionaries, and larger organizations like Compassion International and Hands of Love.