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How to Celebrate National Juice Slush Day with Frosty Fruit!


Calling all slushy enthusiasts and juice lovers! National Juice Slush Day is here, and Frosty Fruit invites you to make it a memorable event at your school. By selling Frosty Fruit's delicious slushies, you can have fun and raise funds for school activities, clubs, or important causes.

Imagine the buzz and excitement that will fill your hallways as students line up, eagerly waiting to savor their favorite flavors of Frosty Fruit's delicious slushies. The cool and refreshing slushy is sure to be a hit! Plus, with every sip, your fellow students will know that they're contributing to a worthy cause.

Make It a Big Deal:

Let's transform National Juice Slush Day into an unforgettable event that will have your school buzzing with anticipation. Here are some ideas to help you create a memorable celebration:

  1. Decorate the school: Deck the halls with vibrant posters, streamers, and balloons in the colors of your favorite Frosty Fruit slushies. Create a festive atmosphere that'll make everyone feel like they're stepping into a tropical oasis.

  2. Slushy stands: Set up colorful and inviting slushy stands throughout the school. Encourage student clubs, sports teams, or parent volunteers to take shifts in manning the stands, adding their unique touch and enthusiasm.

  3. Flavor frenzy: Offer a wide variety of Frosty Fruit flavors to cater to every taste bud. From classic favorites like Strawberry Lemonade and Blue Raspberry to exotic options such as Peach Mango and Tropical Blend, ensure there's something for everyone.

  4. Slushy competitions: Spice up the day with exciting slushy competitions. Organize contests like the "Fastest Slushy Drinker," "Best Slushy Topping Creation," or even a "Slushy-Making Relay Race." Engage the whole school community in friendly and spirited competitions, adding an extra layer of excitement.

  5. Share the experience: Encourage students and staff to capture their National Juice Slush Day moments. Create a dedicated hashtag and encourage everyone to share their slushy selfies, creative cup designs, and memorable slushy experiences on social media. This will not only generate buzz but also serve as a lasting memory for all participants.

Replenish and Support:

If you find yourself needing to replenish your stock of Frosty Fruit juice slush mix before the end of the school year, worry not! We've got you covered. Visit our online store using the links below and enter the code: NATIONALSLUSHDAY to get $10 off each case of mix for today only. But wait, there's more! You can also combine this special code with the code: SHIPFREE12CASES to enjoy additional savings with free shipping on your order of 12 or more cases.

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Today is the day to celebrate National Juice Slush Day in style! Join Frosty Fruit as we make this day a remarkable success for your school and community. With our delicious slushies, vibrant flavors, and a dash of creativity, let's Stay Frosty, boost sales, and make a positive impact together.

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