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  • "Oh my gosh it is AWESOME!!!! Exactly what our school store needed the kids are going crazy for them. We started selling them on Monday and have sold out every day. I will be placing an order today for more product." Kelli

  • "At my school we are currently are only selling Frosty Fruit one day per week. It has stifled ice cream sales! AND we have sold nearly $250 each day we have sold them! We are currently selling 8oz at $2.00 and plan to drop the price after the machine is paid for. We would like to increase to selling additional days at this time as well." Jessica

  • “Frosty Fruit really tastes great. We have been selling a 6 oz. serving for a dollar and we normally make between $90-$100 everyday. We sell five days a week and it’s going great!” Rita

  • "The slushies were a huge success on our first outing. You were right, they loved the blue raspberry but we sold out of both in just 10 minutes. YAY!" Lisa

  • "We sold for the first time today at morning bus arrival.  Within the first twenty minutes, we sold 110 cups.  I am very hopeful." Cary

  • "I just wanted to take a minute to let you know we LOVE Frosty Fruit! Within the first 30 days, we had sold enough slushy’s to completely pay for the machine and all up front expenses and have money left over. The students absolutely love the product and the school staff  enjoy it as well!!  Thanks again for all of your wonderful support, customer and technical.  You have been awesome to do business with and deal with!!" Tina

  • "The kids are buying the frosty fruit drinks like mad.  We should have had them long ago!  'The kids want more than we can keep ready to sell." Linda

  • “I was in a desperate need to raise money for our student incentive program.  We were at nearly in the red and then we found Frosty Fruit.  It allowed us to reward our students for their academic achievements.  I would highly recommend Frosty Fruit as a nutritional, great tasting, and lucrative fund raiser." Howard