New 4 Case Holiday Value Pack!

Getting Started with Frosty Fruit


The Frosty Fruit Slushy Starter Kit comes with your own machine and costs $2400.00 for a new machine and $1850.00 for a refurbished machine.

Starter kit includes:

- 2 flavor Frosty Fruit slushy machine (new or refurbished)
- Frosty Fruit 100% fruit juice concentrate (new: 6 cases, refurbished: 5 cases)
- Marketing kit (advertising posters)
- Cups, lids, and spoon straws
- Mixing containers

    If you sell using an 8oz cup, those 6 cases will generate $2,625.00 (292 servings per case at $1.50 per serving) in SALES! Once you have exhausted your supply of Frosty Fruit concentrate you can reorder product at $115/case. Click here to see the profit story.

    Machine setup is very simple and instructions are included to assist you. You can also view our instructional videos that will demonstrate how to setup and clean your machine. If you would like more assistance we will walk you through it over the phone. Simply call 800-806-8959. The slushy machine only requires a standard electrical wall outlet/plug and does not require a water line.

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